The Mediterranean Tour is delighted to announce that it has recently been acquired by GAEM Co LLC.

17 Dec, 2018

GAEM Co LLC has acquired all the rights to the Mediterranean Tour, and brings a wealth of experience in Tourism, Banking, Start Up Management, Legal, Sports & Athletics Promotion. By acquiring the Rights of the Mediterranean Tour’s, GAEM CO and the Tour’s founders, will press forward with a vision to develop the Mediterranean Tours ethos of providing a relevant alternative career pathway for the modern professional and elite amateur golfer.

The Tour founders see GAEM Co as a significant step for the Mediterranean Tour. For the Tour, having a partner on board that is passionate about golf and brings a wealth of experience, not to mention the proposed investment, can only be a good thing or the sustainability of the Tour.

The involvement of GAEM Co LLC will significantly support the tour in moving forward with the strategy of showcasing Egypt and its phenomenal golf courses, while providing unrivaled playing opportunities for Professional and Elite Amateur Golfers alike through a dedicated Winter Series.

Providing exciting playing opportunities is a job the Mediterranean Tour has excelled in over the last four years and with GAEM Co LLC driving them forward, it is the intention now to grow from strength to strength!