Company History

The Mediterranean Company for Golf Tours (“Mediterranean Tour” or “MedTour”) was established in 2014 with the aim of providing a series of competitive golf tournaments for International, Regional and Local Emerging professional golfers.

The MedTour, as it has become affectionately known, has successfully become “Egypt’s first home grown golf tour” with a vision providing unique opportunities and benefits to the emerging professional golfer.

With a continued plan for expansion not only has the Mediterranean Tour developed it’s growing reputation as an instrumental Professional Golf Tour for the development of aspiring tour professionals but by expanding operations across Egypt and onto International destinations, The MedTour’s platform will play a pivotal part in promoting Egypt as relevant Winter Golfing Destination.

Values & Achievement


The Spirit and Traditions of the Games is at the Heart of What we do.


Professional Golf is about Opportunities. Providing sustainable opportunities and benefits to emerging professional golfers is the essence of the MedTour’s spirit.


Facilitating both Destination Promotion and grassroots development initiatives is a core MedTour Value.


To Create A Significant And Beneficial Developmental Winter Professional Golf Tour That Both Facilitates The Promotion Of Egypt As A Golf Destination, And Supports In The Development Of Grass Roots Golf Participation.


The Mediterranean Tour Aims To Fulfill The Following Main Objectives:

Create A Significant Winter Events Series And Support Emerging Professional Golfers In Their Development.

To Support The Development Of Golf Participation In Egypt, By Offering A Platform For World Class Competition For Top Egyptian And Regional Players.

To Capitalize On The Unutilized Golf Industry In Egypt And Place Egypt On The World Golfing Map.

To Facilitate The Development Of A Golf Tourism Promotional Strategy For Egypt.

Year on Year Growth has seen an approximate increase in field size of between 40% – 90% per annum as follows:

  • Year1 – 2015 = 27 International Professionals
  • Year2 – 2016 = 39 International Professionals (Growth of 44%)
  • Year3 – 2017 = 75 International Professionals (Growth of 92%)
  • Year 4 – 2018 = 95 International Professionals (Growth of 33%)

In total Through the first 3 years of tournament schedules, we have increased participation by an impressive +350%.