1. Format

All tournaments will be held over 54 holes, with a N-player cutline after 36 holes.

N = Minimum (40 ; 50% of the field) [Whichever is Lower 40 Players and Ties or 50% of the Field]

2. Tournament Field

Tournament field size will be restricted to a total of 120 professionals and amateurs.

3. Eligibility

Any professional is eligible to participate in the events and there is no qualifying required. Amateurs with a handicap of 2.4 or lower can also participate in the events.

4. Ties

In the event of a tie for first place, the winner will be decided by a hole by hole playoff. If there are more than 2 players contending in the playoff, those other than the winner will share second place.

5. Taxes

All prize funds will be subject to a 22.5% tax rate under the law for withholding tax for non-residents.

6. Tournament Pro-Ams

The 20 top ranked professionals in the tournament prior will be required to participate in tournament Pro-Ams. These Pro Ams may fall before or after an event, depending on Tournament Schedule.

7. Prize Money

Cut line will be determined at the 36 hole mark with the top N players and ties proceeding to the final round. Prize Fund Will be distributed unto the Number of players making the cut, as per prize fund distribution.

N = Minimum (40 ; 50% of the field) [50% of the Field Capped at 40 players and ties]

NOTE: In the event of more than 40 players making the cut a reserve of 2.0% of prize fund will be allocated to players finishing in 41st place onwards. With a minimum share of prize fund of Euro 100. Player finishing in 41st place will receive respectively euro 50 less than 40th place.

NOTE: In the event of less than 40 players making the cut, then payout and points will be received as per the position in the breakdown below. Eg. If 30 Players make the cut in a 60 man field, then payout and points will be collected until 30th Place as per the Prize/Points fund breakdown.

NOTE: In the Event of a field size 50 players or Less, then Total distributed Prize Fund will be a total of 57% of the Advertised Prize Fund.

If a player makes the cut and withdraws or is disqualified during the final round, he will not receive the prize money allocated to last place finish.


8. Orders Of Merit


Prize money will be distributed in accordance with the official breakdown of the prize fund at each event.

Prize Fund Breakdown


Points will be distributed in accordance with the official breakdown of the ‘points fund’ at each tournament.  Amateur Prize Fund from their position in the tournament will be allocated to the Egyptian Golf Federation Junior Development Program.


9. Entry Regulations

The player package for the events in the 2019 winter season comprises accommodation, transportation, entry fees and practice before the event. Please refer to the player package and the tournament fact sheet. If a player wishes to exclude any of the above, he shall notify the tour via email and a tailored package will be provided accordingly.

  • For further enquiries, please contact:
  • Mohammed Attallah
  • Operations Director
  • (+2) 01009999902
  • info@mediterraneantour.com

10. Payment Methods & Terms Of Payment

For Swing One in 2019, Payment will be by BANK TRANSFERS.  We will reserve your place once cleared funds have been received into our account. It is down to the individual to confirm with The Mediterranean Tour if this has been received and therefore your place confirmed. Proof of Transfer needs to be received by Mediterranean Tour no later than 5 days before any specified tournament.

  • Bank Details:
  • Bank Name: TBC
  • Account Name: TBC
  • Account Holders Address: TBC
  • Bank Address: TBC
  • Account No:TBC
  • Swift Code: TBC

REFUNDS and TRANSFERS of entries are only given in special circumstances at the discretion of The Tour. Please see Payment and Refund Policy.

You can download and print an invoice for all of your entries in your Completed Tournaments.

NB – For LATE entries please contact our Tour Office to inquire about availability Call (+20) 122 632 1001 or email info@mediterraneantour.com.

11. Tournament Withdrawals

Any player wishing to withdraw during the tournament shall notify the tournament director.

12. Tournament Registration

ALL COMPETITORS ARE REQUIRED TO REGISTER FOREACH TOURNAMENT BY 6PM LOCAL TIME ONE DAY PRIOR TO THE 1ST ROUND. This must either be done at the registration desk at the tournament venue or by contacting the tournament office. Refer to the Mediterranean tour Contact Details.

13. Prize Ceremony

The three leading players (and ties) must be present at the prize ceremony. In Pro-Ams tournaments, only the leading player (and ties) in the Team (gross and net) and Individual events shall be required to be present. Penalty €150, will be applied for failure to comply.

14. Driving Range

Driving Rang is open from 7:30am. Last official bucket will be distributed at 5pm. With the exception of Pro Am Days, For a period of one hour prior any shotgun start Pro-Am, the use of all practice facilities is restricted to competitors in that Pro-Am only (Professional and Amateur).

15. Practice Regulations

In respect to your fellow competitors; during practice rounds, have only one ball in play. Players are permitted however to hit several chips and putts on and around the greens provided that they do not hold back the pace of play.

16. Dress Code

Players must wear formal golf attire during tournament and practice rounds. Shirts with collars and trousers or appropriate golf shorts must be worn at all times on the golf course. Shirts must be tucked into the trousers/Shorts. Collarless shirts and denim are not allowed on the golf course. Also, please ensure that all dress material is neat and tidy and that shoes are well polished. Failure to follow such conduct may incur a player up to €100 in fines.

17. Alcohol Consumption

The consumption of alcohol on the course during any tournament round is not permitted. Penalty €100 will be charged.

18. Tobacco Consumption

Players are allowed to smoke cigarettes, cigars or chew tobacco at any time during the tournament week, provided that cigarette butts are disposed of in ashtrays or in on course bins.

19. Caddies

Caddies will only be available based on a first come, first serve basis, against a fixed daily fee of €25  to be paid by the player directly to the caddy.

20. Trolleys

Trolleys will be available throughout the two tournaments against a fixed charge of €25  per tournament.

21. Media Rights

Professional and Amateurs entering Mediterranean Tour Events are automatically consenting to all rights of media are the copyright of the Mediterranean Tour.

This Includes: – Written Publications, Social & recorded Media.

Any images or recorded media including TV or tour recorded media are free of any rights and consent is given for direct promotion of the individual players participation.

Mediterranean Tour will make available all player related media for the player & their representatives for sponsorship promotion.


In the event of tie for 1st place of the Order of Merit, it will be decided in a sudden-death hole-by-hole play-off.

In the event of tie for 3rd place of the Order of Merit, it will be decided in a sudden-death hole-by-hole play-off.

In the event of tie for 7th place of the Order of Merit, it will be decided in a sudden-death hole-by-hole play-off.
The play-off will be held at the hours and in the order of the holes fixed by the Tournament Committee and brought to the knowledge of the players on the official notice board. It is the responsibility of the players concerned to be present at start of the play-off